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Types of Product-

a) Solar Products
b) Electrical Panels
c) Industrial Battery Chargers

a) Product Type-1- Solar Products:
  1. Solar Lantern:

A Solar lantern) is a lighting system consisting of a lamp, battery and electronics, all placed in a suitable housing, made of metal, plastic or fiber glass, and a
PV module.
The battery is charged by electricity generated through the PV module. The lantern is basically a portable lighting device suitable for either indoor or outdoor lighting, covering a full range of 360 degrees.
A LED based solar lantern system aims at providing solar electricity for operating LED lights for specified hours of operation per day.

6V, 4.5 AH Battery. With 5 W Solar Panell Highly reliable
Low maintenance Non Polluting clean energy Dual Charging- AC & Solar
Mobile Charging Two level Lumens Attractive Designs
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Solar home Light

Solar Home Light System generates electricity from sun rays for lighting and running electricity based home appliances. Solar home lighting systems have various qualitative features, which makes them widely demanded.

Solar Home Light Systems are available with battery charger that maximizes output from solar module while main battery/solar module disconnects switch with safety fuses.    

These are specially designed product for NGO’s or families living in outskirts of India where no electricity is available. This system will give Backup up to 10 hrs on load.

Product Type 2:
Electrical Panels:

a) LT Panel & Distribution Board: We are regarded as one reputable manufacturer of LT Panels & Distribution Boards.

Manufactured with the help of latest technology, these precision engineered products have accurate dimensions and are known for high level of performance. LT Panels & Power Distribution Boards are available to customers at market leading prices.
These boards are widely appreciated for:

  • Exceptional quality
  • Robustness
  • Perfect finish
  • Easy to install and operate these

b) AMF Panel:

We offer a microprocessor based generator control, engine management & monitoring package. It is designed for use with an AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) & an automatic speed controller to automate, protect & monitor diesel or gas engine based generator sets.

Functions carried out by our Synchronizing System includes Automatic Starting of DG Sets on Loss of Mains.

C) APFC Panel:

We offer superior quality Power Factor Control Panels (PFC panels), which are precision engineered using sophisticated manufacturing technology. These products help in maintaining the power factor of systems by switching capacitor banks in accordance with specific needs of the system. Our products are also useful in maintaining the desired power factor. Customers can avail these panels at cost effective prices in the market

d) Junction Boxes: Small box with less numbers of switchgear items are manufactured in large production lots.

e) Other Customized Electrical Panel:  We have in house design capabilities for design & manufacturing of different type of electrical panels (e.g. Meter Panel, Annunciation Panel, MCC , PCC etc.) according to Customer requirements.

Product Type- 3

Industrial Battery Charger:

  • Battery chargers are micro controller based design with thyristor power devices. The chargers provide regulated DC output continuously from an AC source. The charger maintains the battery on float voltage on completion of charging. Range - 24V / 30V, 48V in 15A, 20A, 30A, 40A, 50A and 100Amps. Other rating also available on request.
  • The batteries will be charged in float mode between 1.75V to 2.4V and in boost mode 1.88V to 2.66V. The charger is capable of automatically switching from float mode to boost mode and boost mode to float mode depending on the current drawn by the battery.