LAN &Electrical Services

Ablaze has a team of experienced, qualified Network Cabling/ Telecommunication Engineers capable of all kinds of network installations.
Our experience covers drilling walls and concrete floors, running through ceilings and floor spaces with metal sheathing etc. From the communications rooms through to the desktop, Ablaze provides its customers with a professional installation of every cable.
Complete DC Wiring, Cable laying and termination in Solar Power Plants.
  • All activities included in installation of Power Substation
  • Electrical Cable Laying including Cable terminations
  • Electrical  Panels Repair, Installation & Commissioning
  • Electrical  House Wiring and Panel Wiring
  • Telecom Shelter & Tower Erection including Wiring
  • Cabling
  • Installation of any type of networking:
  •     LAN Cat 5 / Cat 6
  •     Fiber Optic
  •     Telephone Cabling
  • Full end-to-end cable testing and guaranteed work.
  • Ablaze Employees are extensively trained, focusing on safety, productivity, and quality. Also, ensure everything is done right the first time.