Our Services

LAN &Electrical Services

Ablaze has a team of experienced, qualified Network Cabling/ Telecommunication Engineers capable of all kinds of network installations.
Our experience covers drilling walls and concrete floors, running through ceilings and floor spaces with metal sheathing etc. From the communications rooms through to the desktop, Ablaze provides its customers with a professional installation of every cable.
Complete DC Wiring, Cable laying and termination in Solar Power Plants.
  • All activities included in installation of Power Substation
  • Electrical Cable Laying including Cable terminations
  • Electrical  Panels Repair, Installation & Commissioning
  • Electrical  House Wiring and Panel Wiring
  • Telecom Shelter & Tower Erection including Wiring
  • Cabling
  • Installation of any type of networking:
  •     LAN Cat 5 / Cat 6
  •     Fiber Optic
  •     Telephone Cabling
  • Full end-to-end cable testing and guaranteed work.
  • Ablaze Employees are extensively trained, focusing on safety, productivity, and quality. Also, ensure everything is done right the first time.

Construction Services

  • Earth Work, Form Work, Steel Cutting bending and fixing, PCC, RCC, Brick Work, Plastering and Painting.
  • Piling – Hydraulic Rig and Winch Both, Augering
  • HDD and Trenching Work along with PLB HDPE Duct Laying
  • Telecom Shelter and Foundation Work including Design
  • Approach Road Construction Work

Engineering Services

Radio link Installation & Commissioning

Ablaze Electronics plays vital role in providing its engineering services for Telecom Sector for installation of Radio, Antenna, Microwave Links (Point to Point / Point to Multipoint), High Capacity Radio, Towers, OFC Cable Laying & Trenching.


  • Site Surveys
  • Link Budget
  • Power  and  Mechanical Solutions
  • Engineering Drawing for Design 


  •  Continuous Analysis as needed during execution
  • Technical Staff Coordination at each step

Post Execution:

  • Commissioning
  • Power system Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Quality Inspection

Towers/Mast Erection

Ablaze Electronics is one of the company who offers installation services of Towers of any type as per customer need and requirement by certified Riggers.  With the help of Channel Partners, Ablaze provides complete turnkey solutions which include designing, manufacturing and construction services.
Ablaze offers a wide product range includes self-supporting towers, guyed Masts, Monopole for Telecommunication, Power Transmission, Microwave, TV, Radio and other diverse application.
Ablaze provide following services to the customer:
  • Line of Sight Survey.
  • Soil Investigation
  • Tower Designing
  • Foundation Design
  • Construction of Foundation
  • Erection and Painting of Towers 

Operation & Maintenance Services

Operation and Maintenance service means that we care about your assets. Ablaze Electronics has Key Strength in providing periodic maintenance for continual optimal performance in view to avoid any breakdown.
The needs we cover:
  • Enhanced value through extending the asset's lifetime
  • Maximising investor profitability
  • Safety and Sustainability of the site
The services we offered through Maintenance agreements as per customer requirement:
  • Service Level
  • Time & Material Repair/ Replacement
  • Regular Preventive Maintenance
  • Budgeted and planned managed(Fixed Price curative maintenance) service 

Deployment Services

  • Ablaze Electronics provides deployment services to the customer with the support of experienced technical service staff regardless of location on the globe which includes:
  • Installation
  • Cabling and connectorisation (Indoor & Outdoor)
  • Tower/ Mast erection
  • Rack fixing
  • Pillar Foundation and fixing
  • Antenna Mounting & Alignment
  • Surge Protection